Saturday, September 5, 2015

GEOENGINEERING FOR GLOBAL WARMING poisoning air and water for population reduction

'Geoengineering' aims to tackle 'climate change' by [1] removing CO2 from air by dumping iron sulphate poison in our water and [2] by limiting sunlight by spraying on the people diseased metallic chemtrails.

The truth is, they have drought resistant aluminum resistant GMO seeds, and they are spraying aluminum to destroy organic, and control the number of people by forcing them to eat toxic cancerous GMO Frankenfood.

Until syndication is completed, please see link below, for a full discussion of (1992) Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming: Mitigation, Adaptation, and the (Fake) Science Base. You can also download the actual book or read specific chapters:

The greenhouse gas religion was invented to disguise the methods of population reduction so they can poison humanity and say it's the lesser of two evils. Soon, if not already, regulating this global poisoning of humanity will become law, and this in turn will be the excuse to set up world governance of the poisoning strategies, and finally, a global government to totally control what little remains of humanity:


A more in depth look at poisoning the water under the guise of 'geoengineering' and its deadly results on the sockeye salmon of British Columbia less than two weeks after 120 tons of iron sulphate was dumped into a known salmon migration route:


 A look at the deadly effects that CHEMTRAILS SPRAYED DAILY around the world for OVER A DECADE, is having on the foliage. Recent studies found high levels of aluminum in bees. People have posted videos of their blood tests; just imagine what chemtrails do to your brain. All this and more:


The big picture of Agenda 21 soft kill and its greenhouse gas religion disguise: